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Take Good Care

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

They’re heeere….you know, the holidays. While some of us embrace the hustle, bustle, shopping, baking, partying, decorating (whew!) ….others of us find it a chunk of year better spent with our heads under the covers in Tibet, possibly.

Either way, it is a time to especially nourish ourselves. Taking time for a walk, a nap, a facial, PIZZA (a cure-all in our home) can help to keep us grounded.

I’ll be posting some quick and easy recipes next week, Please post your suggestions, thoughts, recipes….

A Day At The Beach

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Now that Oct. 1 has come and gone, doggies are allowed at all the Wilmington area beaches.  It’s so fabulous, no matter which beach you choose.  They’re all much less crowded than during the summer, the humidity has broken and, now, parking is free at Wrightsville!!  Bring a throwing stick, ball, favorite toy and a picnic lunch and you’ve got vacation in a day!  Don’t forget plastic bags for life’s little presents.  Head out after breakfast!