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Porch Sitting – Rain or Shine

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

They say that Beryl is coming to visit us here at Camellia Cottage Bed & Breakfast.  Our guests checking in are understandably concerned.  Will Wilmington, NC wash away?  Will we be evacuated to Des Moines?  Will giant sea serpents emerge from the ocean and trample our towns and cities?  Probably not, but I hear Des Moines is quite lovely. 

Now, Wilmington has so much to offer between the beaches, golfing, shopping, theatre, visual arts, history and the Historic Downtown.  But, being a fairly lazy vacationer myself, I have to say that some rain on vacation is a treat!  Some of the reasons we vacation are curiosity about new places and new experiences, and that helps enrich our souls.  In this day and age, one of the new experiences we love to watch our guests enjoy, is porch-sitting.  This can be done in rain or shine.  We have a beautiful covered porch with rockers and love seats and a most amazing hammock for two. 

For the uninitiated, porch sitting is not just sitting on a porch.  There are usually complex activities involved such as reading (preferably trashy novels, really shallow magazines), playing cards (Go Fish, War and the like), NAPPING or staring off into space.  You’d be surprised how restored you feel after hanging out on the porch, watching the rain in the garden, chit-chatting with your loved one or newly made friends and sipping an iced tea or a glass of wine. 

So, the next time the Weather Channel tries to scare you, check with your innkeepers, scope out the bookshelves or bring your Kindle and a deck of cards.  Once you’re out on the porch, snoring is completely allowed.