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Camellias, Again

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

It’s time to talk about Camellias again. We can’t help
ourselves. When we stare out any of our windows these days, we are rewarded
with a riot of color from our Camellias. Reds, whites, pinks and various
combinations of the three. Sometimes a little bit of yellow peaks through.

We actually have a lot more color in the
garden in the middle of winter than we do in the summer! And it’s all due to
our trusted companions, our friendly fauna — our Camellias.
We think some of these bodacious beauties are close to 80
years old. We were told that the artist Henry MacMillan, who lived in this
house for 60 years, was a founder of the Camellia Society here in Wilmington
and that the Camellias became popular in the ’30s, hence the estimate of 80

Soon we will come upon our favorite time of all in the
garden; those precious few weeks when the last of our Camellias are flowering
and the first of the Azaleas are also in bloom. As the old saying goes:
“It don’t get no better than that!”

Life in the Blogosphere

Monday, February 18th, 2013

You have probably noticed that we have not posted a blog for
a long time, mostly because we’ve been too busy.  We hope y’all were able to survive without a
few bon mots from your innkeepers. If not, our apologies!

Here’s the weird thing. You’re not the only ones who noticed
our lack of blogging. We actually got two different emails from two different
“people” who commented upon the lack of recent content on our blog.
And each would be more than happy to write and post blogs for us! We were
amazed at this outpouring of generosity until further reading revealed a hefty
price tag for each blog.

Having been appropriately chastised, and lacking the cold,
hard cash to pay a stand-in blogger to entertain you, we have decided it’s time
to resume pumping a few choice words into the ether now and then.  What a world!