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Bird is the Word

Saturday, October 25th, 2014

It was not our intent to be a pet-friendly bed and breakfast when we first arrived in Wilmington. We looked around the neighborhood and saw all the dogs and cats in the neighborhood — at least one of each in almost every house. We also noted that most of the stores downtown welcome well-behaved pets inside while their owners pump up the local economy.

At that time our lives were, sadly, dogless. So we decided to welcome well-behaved pets to Camellia Cottage Bed and Breakfast. Simultaneously,  we got our dog fix and also improved our bottom line by charging a pet fee for the privilege of not leaving your valued, four-legged family members behind during your weekend getaway.

We have thoroughly enjoyed hosting dogs of every size, color, breed and every possible mix of mutt. On average, we get about one cat a year here. We’ve even had a couple fish who were making the move from Connecticut to their new home in Florida.

Earlier this month, we finally hosted our first feathered friend, an Amazon Parrot named Max. He was a good-looking, patriotic  guy — all red, white, blue and green. We were told that he is also a talkative bird with a respectable vocabulary. The problem is, he doesn’t talk to strangers and, unlike most of the dogs we get, we must have stayed strangers during his stay because he had nothing to say to us.

He did get along well with our dog Sparky and the two other dogs that were here that weekend. In a way, he was an ideal guest. He didn’t make a mess, ate very little and played well with the other guests. Now let’s hope he writes a positive review on Trip Advisor!