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Wilmington Obscura

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

Wilmington, NC certainly has its charms, both natural and humanly created. While most folks are familiar with the area’s beautiful beaches, Battleship North Carolina, Airlie Gardens and the downtown Riverwalk, there are many other secret treasures to be explored. Some are within walking distance of Camellia Cottage Bed & Breakfast, some just a short drive away. We have been happily discovering some fun, off- the- beaten path sites for our guests to enjoy. Here is a sampling of some of our favorites.
1. Stanley Rehder Carnivorous Plant Garden – Located off of Independence Drive, near the Independence Mall and behind Alderman Elementary School, this idyllic spot has a vast array of pitcher plants, Venus Flytraps and Sundews. There is a very nice wooden walkway so you can meander without getting your feet muddy if you choose. Spring is the time to catch things flowering, beautiful photographic opportunities, dog-friendly.
2. The Blind Elephant – There’s a narrow alley on Front St. between Port City Java and Front St. Brewery. Here is where you’ll find The Blind Elephant, a speak-easy styled establishment with a secret password and everything. Known for its exotic cocktails (a bourbon-lovers dream) and friendly professional staff, this is the place to enjoy some jazz in a quiet setting.
3. Abbey Nature Preserve – Before or after you’ve enjoyed your tour of Poplar Grove Plantation, stretch your legs at Abbey Nature Preserve right next door. It is a 2-mile looped trail with a small lake and old millhouse. Dog-friendly.
4. Expo 216 – New to the downtown scene, this free-to -the -public museum/gallery is wonderful! The owners choose a topic of interest to them and fill this two-story space with different approaches. The current focus is “Plastics in the Ocean” and features explorations from the scientific to the arts to fashion. Fascinating to adults as well as kids.
5. Our own backyard – The gravestone of one J.B. MacM., 1848-1896 has a place of honor in the southwest corner of our garden. Family members can’t quite figure out who it is or why the name isn’t spelled out completely. Dog-friendly.