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Wake Up and Smell Our Coffee

Monday, July 31st, 2017

When the sun starts peeking out and the alarm starts singing with the birds, one eye slowly opens, then the other.  Aaah, the start of another glorious day.  What will it bring?  I can hardly wait to leap out of bed and find out! First a hearty, healthy breakfast like…….

Okay, that is so not me.  I wish it were, but it’s so not.  My first moments of consciousness are more like “Noooooo!, turn the darn thing off, shut those birds up and give me five more minutes.”  In fact, my husband has a T-shirt that says “Sometimes I wake up grumpy, but usually I let her sleep”.  That’s about right.

So how do I drag my po-po out of dreamland and down into the kitchen to make that three-course breakfast?  Easy.  COFFEE.  Pure, hot, black, smooth, fragrant, rich COFFEE.  Addict, afficianado, tomatoes, tomahtoes.

That first hint of coffee fragrance in the air, the first warm, tasty sip, now that’s nirvana.  At Camellia Cottage Bed and Breakfast we serve a special blend that is half espresso and half dark-roast decaf.  Our coffee is roasted by our friends Tammy and Juan at Folks’ Café just down the street.  Beautiful, smooth and rich.  Because it’s half decaf, you can have that fourth or fifth cup while lingering at the breakfast table.  Because of my addiction, er, I mean affinity, I am sure to get you coffee outside your room before 7a.m. so you don’t have to panic.

Come join us for a cup(s)!  Cheers!