Adventures in Porch Sitting

Even though the calendar says it’s only February, there is enough warmth and sunshine sometimes to get out and relax in a rocking chair on the porch.  Here, in beautiful Wilmington, NC, Spring starts popping now.  Nights may still be a little chilly, but with some afternoons nearing 70, the rockers beckon.

The South is synonymous with beautiful, comfortable, large front porches. Some have chandeliers and drapes, some have old wicker chaises and chairs, some have modern sofas solid enough to have in your living room. Porches provide a spot to enjoy a breeze and a lemonade on a hot, summer day, to chat with friends or just watch the world go by.  Laying in a hammock, alternately reading something easy and dozing a little, must be what heaven is like.

The front porch at Camellia Cottage is a favorite gathering spot for guests (and owners) here.  It’s always heart-warming to watch people who didn’t know each other the day before, easily chatting about their day, sharing wine, snacks and stories.  What is fascinating about these get-togethers is how spontaneous they are.  We don’t have a structured happy hour or tea time (who needs more scheduling!)  but are ready with refreshments as a party develops.  It’s a great time to hear about the restaurant you were thinking of trying or where to find a parking spot at Wrightsville Beach.  The fun usually continues at breakfast the next day.

So, come join us on the porch for a nap, a book or conversation.  We’ll provide the rockers!

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